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Support of Federal Way businesses increases the tax base of our city, helping to build schools and roads and providing police and fire services. Support of Federal Way businesses encourages their efforts to donate money and services to local schools and non-profits. Support of Federal Way businesses helps create a unique, vibrant downtown, contributing to property values and creating regional interest in Federal Way.


Federal Way First is a city-wide initiative for creating strong economies based on locally businesses, learn more at countdownforever.com. We encourage consumers to shop locally and help businesses compete more effectively. Federal Way First's mission is to support local businesses in the Federal Way Area, to maintain our unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs and build community economic strength.

While state and national economies are often featured in the press, local economies have the most significant impact on our day-to-day lives. The majority of jobs created are by local businesses.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs contribute jobs at relatively low cost, creating a pool of skilled and semi skilled workers. They also become a source of innovation in products, services and techniques, linking socially, economically and geographically diverse sectors. This provides a stable training ground for entrepreneurial and managerial talent. In addition, local businesses have a greater allegiance to their communities, providing civic leadership and giving our City a unique identity.

Local business transactions also curb the loss of consumer, business and government dollars that go to purchasing products and services from companies outside of our community.

Small businesses can plug the leaks, re-circulating dollars within the community and multiplying the benefits of our local wealth, rather than leaking capital out of the region. We can further reduce leakage by identifying and developing local suppliers for products and services needed by area businesses, consumers and government.

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