About Federal Way First

Overview of the Organization
Federal Way First's mission is to support local businesses in the Federal Way Area, to maintain our unique community character, provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs and build community economic strength.

Our four focus areas are:
  • Appreciating the cultural value of a vibrant downtown filled with a wide variety of unique businesses and boutiques
  • Saving on gas and parking by shopping in town
  • Creating a strong tax-base by circulating money in town versus sending it elsewhere
  • Supporting the businesses that generously donate to local schools and nonprofits throughout the year

Federal Way First will be staffed by the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce, who will update marketing materials, organize events, and survey businesses and participants. Additionally, there will be an advisory committee comprised of local business people and community members.

Overview of The Federal Way First Program
The Federal Way First program will raise the awareness and need for individuals and businesses in the community to be aware of where they are spending their dollars and, when possible, spend those dollars in the community that directly effects their livelihood, viability and future. This program will be focus on the Federal Way retail heart, but it will include all businesses in the greater Federal Way area and into the South Sound region.

The Federal Way First program would like to see vendors increase their purchases of supplies and goods from local vendors and suppliers increase. This would include government entities. Additionally, we would like to see an increase in the number of Federal Way businesses bid on and become successful in obtaining jobs or contracts with public agencies.

This program is part of the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce as it helps fulfill its vision of creating a strong local economy through business advocacy in the South Sound region and, in particular, through the mission point of creating partnerships in creating a strong local economy in our community.